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Monday, January 18, 2021
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The Humans of Brighton

The streets of Brighton are forever strewn with the cream of the inspiring and vibrant. This piece picks out just a few, why these people...

Top 5 craft ales in Brighton

How many times have you had that moment when you realise that everyone’s cooler than you? Let’s face it, if you live in Brighton...

Brighton’s hidden Black and Asian history

It’s Black History Month here in the UK, a vitally important, and really truly interesting event in our calendar. We at bjournal wanted to...

Labour activists vow to block Corbyn! – Gossip from the Conference

Jeremy Corbyn has been a controversial figure since an against-the-odds victory led to him becoming The Labour Party’s new leader last month. Papers such...

“unless you wore a simple t shirt with a pair of jeans you would...

The other day I spoke to Abigail, an aspiring make-up artist living in Brighton. Only just turned eighteen, Abigail has already worked on five...

Brighton Fashion Week discovering new designers every year

For many, Fashion Week is over, the designers have designed, the models modelled and the articles have been written. But for some, it is...

6 Best Places to watch the Rugby World Cup in Brighton

This is it. The crunch. Win or lose. Do or die - ok that’s pushing it a little but you get the picture. England...

The Alkaline Cleanse is Easy to Adopt

I’ve always been sceptical of the idea of drinking my meals instead of eating them – although on researching a little bit more into...

Something odd is happening on Gloucester Road

You may have noticed that every week on Gloucester Road a new shop appears. And then that new shop disappears and then another one...

Brighton Fashion Bloggers you just have to follow

I’m a huge fan of fashion blogs, I think it’s a great way to find out about trends you may have missed, gain inspiration...

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